12v Double Cylinder Car Tire Inflator Pump Toolbox


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Important hint

This product double cylinder is about 130W power. Normal inflation is: 3-5 minutes, Single cylinder time is 5-7 minutes..

Configuration table

Material: metal + motor Current: 17-18A Voltage: 12V Power cord length: 3M Power type: cigarette lighter Air volume: 50/min Power: 150W Specification: 30*9.5*20CM Net weight: 2.6 Type: Car tire air pump Scope of application: car tires pumping Size: 30*9.5*20CM Pressure: 3 Weight: 3KG Main scope of application: car tire air pump Inflatable tube length: 3 meters Air pressure flow: 70L/min or more

Product Description

1, this machine is suitable for all 12V car tires, especially 4×4, medium bus, 2 tons of trucks, high-class cars and other larger tires, large volume, fast inflation.

2, also applies to motorcycles, bicycles, balls, rubber boats, beach floating beds, inflatable toys and so on.

3, on the highway, in the wild or in the morning to work, the tires suddenly leaked or the tires are injected, more able to play first aid.

4, car tires maintain the correct tire pressure, to ensure safe driving, and save gasoline, with the car, just in case, the endless use.

5, with a full set of inflatable nozzles, can be used for tires, rubber boats, air cushions, inflatable toys, ball inflatable and many other uses.


  • 1. Insert the nozzle of the rubber tube directly into the valve of the tire. When the sound of the air leaking from the tire is heard, it means that the air has already circulated, and the air nozzle is continued to be tightened, and the air is no longer discharged.

  • 2, remove the power cord battery clip (with no cigarette lighter plug), directly clamped in the battery positive and negative
    , should not touch the line short circuit, open the switch, you can inflate. (Double-cylinder air pump has high power, it can’t be plugged directly into the cigarette lighter through the converter to take electricity, it is easy to burn the cigarette lighter and circuit on the car)

  • 3. When inflating, the meter pointer increases with the saturation of the tire. When the pointer reaches the appropriate tire pressure (the tire pressure of the car tire is 223kpa=35PSI), the plug and the nozzle are taken out, and the work is completed.

  • 4. Please use the professional ball needle and plastic nozzle equipped with this machine to connect with the air nozzle to inflate the ball and other gas-demanding equipment.

Packing List:
1* Tool Box




  • 1, can not be used in large and overweight vehicle tire inflation, such as trucks, large trucks, box trucks, etc.;

  • 2, please use the car engine to enhance the power when using, do not consume car battery power;

  • 3. This machine is limited to DC (DC12V10A) power supply, and can not use household high voltage AC (AC220V) power supply;

  • 4. When inflating, please stop after 10 minutes of continuous operation for 10 minutes to prevent damage to the air pump and accessories, and extend the life of the motor. When the rubber boat is inflated, it can work continuously for 30 minutes;

  • 5. When the general tire is inflated, it can reach 30PSI normal tire pressure in about 3-5 minutes, and the big tire will be longer. If the indicator of the meter rises rapidly to 50-100PSI when starting to inflate, the air is blocked. The air does not enter the tire. At this time, the gas nozzle joint should be removed immediately and re-operated, otherwise the motor and the instrument are easily damaged.

  • 6. When using, do not leave the body, pay attention to the tire pressure at any time, not too saturated;

  • 7. After the machine is used, the air nozzle wrench must be straightened to avoid the rubber elastic fatigue inside;

  • 8. The fuse of the gas pump is equipped with a fuse. If the air pump does not start, please open the plug to check and replace it (the fuse is 15A);

  • 9. This machine should avoid moisture, heavy fall and sand intrusion, and avoid children playing to avoid damage;
  • 10, the pressure required for each type of tire is different, please refer to the side of the car tires, or ask the car manufacturer


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